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So how about a little bit about us? We are a group of guys who have spent a bit of time on male improvement sites. The major impression we have come away with is that most sites are very focused. Great for knowledge in a specific area, but what about the whole individual? Where can a guy go to have open, real talk about life? About real-life questions, and get real-life applicable answers from experienced peers? We have developed this forum to create just that very thing. We believe that men need to work together to learn, and develop into the best men we can be. Proper growth must include all facets of our lives. Sexual, spiritual, mental, financial, physical, and health are all aspects of the whole man. Together we can mentor and lead each other into the best men each of us can be.

Through peer to peer support we can address new technology, new information, and age old questions that have plagued men since the dawn of time. Do you need recipes for the hot date you have scheduled Friday night? Or maybe you got suckered into cooking for a family gathering, and need to know a menu. Yup, come right in and let's get it figured out. Know the best workout routine to gain muscle, strength, and raise testosterone? Excellent, come share with the rest of us. Peer to peer mentoring will help each of us to become the best man possible.

   So welcome to our forum, we appreciate you coming here to share with us. You, are the reason we are here. And though we may be centered on male improvement, all are welcome and encourage to join and participate. All of your questions, all of your answers, your experiences and opinions, all add together to help this forum, and each other. Don't hesitate to get involved in all the great fun and games, and maybe share some creative works of writing or art. We appreciate this opportunity to grow at our cores, and become the best individuals possible. Thanks for joining us, and feel free to make or invite a friend.

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