Load balancing internet connections for a multi-homed Windows machine

Load balancing for Windows

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Load balancing internet connections for a multi-homed Windows machine If you have more than one internet connection, and wish to use them simultaneously, this article aims to help you do just that. For most home networks, there is only one internet connection shared by all computers and/or devices, over WiFi or Ethernet connections. Sometimes, a […]

stop watching tv

Stop Watching TV!

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You know them, you have to hear about them in the workplace, and maybe some of you even watch this rubbish (please go put your head in the toilet and gargle instead). So many terrible shows stain our TV screens: Celebrity Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here, The Voice, X Factor, […]

The Plan of Attack Year of the Monkey

Year of the Monkey

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 So fellow monkey’s, did you have a good 2015? Do you feel like you achieved what you would have liked?? Got further to go??? Then you’re not alone. As a guy born in the year of the monkey, monkeying around comes quite natural. But in the lives of modern human monkeys there is the very serious […]

The Plan of Attack The Value of Anonymous?

The Value of Anonymous?

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For anyone who has never heard of anonymous, they are a disparate group of individuals that have collectively banded together to partake in cyber activity, such as distributing and releasing information about individuals, attacking websites and groups online, and also infiltrating governmental, political, and bureaucratic agencies databases and websites. Anonymous abide by no particular overall […]

The Plan of Attack Evolution of Equality

Evolution of Equality

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So, a too-much-coffee philosophy ramble…Why is it that personal empowerment often comes at the cost of others? Is it really necessary to bring others down, to bring yourself up? Is the only way to rise above by stepping on the backs and shoulders of those around us? Maybe it’s evolutionary survival of the fittest, or […]