Aikido The Plan of Attack


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Aikido, quite possibly the most ethical of all the martial styles and my personal favourite. At its highest levels it becomes an exercise in total mind and body coordination and at its lowest a means to defend oneself. While there are many that will argue about the effectiveness of the art in a street fight, […]

The Plan of Attack Muay Thai

Muay Thai

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Muay Thai is a sport that is increasing in popularity over recent years, both as a result of its own merits and also because of its use within mixed martial arts, particularly the UFC. It can be argued that it is the ultimate stand-up striking sport, incorporating the use of shins, knees, fists, feet, and […]

The Plan of Attack Gym-goers


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Oouueee! The range and diversity of folk that enter into hallowed sanctuary that is the gym can be quite diverse and intriguing sometimes. I think it is funny and interesting to see the different categories people naturally fall into or have decided to form for themselves. I have been going to different gyms for the […]