Want to help out?

For the same cost of a feeding a moderate caffeine addiction for a day or two, your help could put 3 out of 4 shoes on an Kinkajou in need. After 1 and a half, we could move to groups of three. The math gets a little weird after that, especially if they share. And if that little one gets sick again. Well, with enough ...ahhh, oops, wrong donation...

Actually, it goes to almost as good of a place. ( poor, poor Kiki...)

Truth is, sites cost money, and every bit helps. If you like what we have going here, and believe like we do in the benefit of a supportive community, we would appreciate any help to keep it going. No need to give up the java budget. Believe us, we understand! (just one more cup, man...one more...)

But if you're feeling a bit generous and want to throw us a few beans, that would be great too.

100% of donations go to site costs.