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Evolution of Equality

The Plan of Attack Evolution of Equality

So, a too-much-coffee philosophy ramble...

Why is it that personal empowerment often comes at the cost of others? Is it really necessary to bring others down, to bring yourself up? Is the only way to rise above by stepping on the backs and shoulders of those around us? Maybe it's evolutionary survival of the fittest, or instinctual competition. Or, maybe it's just a human need to be shitty to each other at times, masked behind good intentions.

All over, we see people launching off others (perceived) faults to highlight their own opinions. The human race is at war with ourselves, daily.

A war of the sexes, where women are degraded and treated inferior, and subjected to misogynistic insult. Which is answered by feminist rantings that all men are evil, mindless, and abusive, intentionally or not. And all of this, passed along to the next generation, under a friendly guise of "equality". Doesn't equal mean more than just being equally hateful?

A war of the races, hypocritical, and self fulfilling. Humans want so much to belong. But to belong, there has to be an opposite. An outsider. So we embrace those stereotypes of "our own", and mock those of the others. Becoming what we are told, so we may belong. Opening our minds just involved including international resentment. Yet, never quite grasping that we all already belong, as individuals of the human race.

A war of politics. People blindly believing, following, and opposing, taking a "side" with nothing more than a few common goals. Which, never really seem to get to the forefront, no matter how much support. Letting this group fill in the gaps, and define what you, as a person, should promote. As if it is mandatory to pick one or the other. Only thing for sure in politics is corruption and lies. If I must pick, then I go with the common-sense-atarians. Why not.

And of course, war of religion. Silly, being that most (all?) pretty much encompass the idea of being a good person, and at least trying to do the right thing. Yet, these general guidelines get pushed aside in favor of the fine details of story. Proving your religion to others. And so, nothing else has started more wars or taken more human lives than that which is meant to teach how much of a gift it is. No matter the god/s, do we really think this is what they meant?

Maybe one day, us hoomuns can just accept the differences, embrace them, and let it be. Start bringing each other up. Develope something we can actually call evolution with a seriousness.

And no, it's not science! Science is only science, until other science proves it wrong. Science brought you the flat Earth, leeching for sickness, and Pluto as a planet. Or moon. Whatever it is now. So stop it. Math is infallible, science is not. Science is an ongoing, trial-and-error experiment.

C'mon, 46 and 2.



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