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Guide for PE Beginners – Part II

Guide for PE Beginners - Part II The Plan of Attack


A great informational article provided by our esteemed member, Lilbigman.

Continued from Part I


Do I need to enlarge my penis? How big is the average penis?

There are many different studies, but all have very similar conclusions. To average and simplify things, the average penis size would be approximately 5.5" long and 4.75" around (girth). Some studies have slightly higher results and some have slightly smaller results, so that would be the best possible answer. Now whether you are smaller or bigger than those numbers is really irrelevant. Nobody needs to enlarge their penis. No matter what size you are, you are perfect the way you are. Love yourself and your body, and don't ever be ashamed of your size or feel you have to make it bigger. Not everyone likes huge penises, and there are many out there that would prefer an average or even smaller than average penis. With that being said, I believe every man should do a light routine for a healthy, functioning penis. A few light jelqs, stretches, and kegels every day can keep everything working and functioning properly. And if one wants more than nature gave them, there is a solution!

How do I measure my penis properly?

The proper way to measure the penis is to place a ruler (not a tape measure, but a regular ruler) on top of the penis. Push the ruler into the fat pad as far is it will go until you hit the pubic bone. From that point to the very tip of the penis is your BPEL, bone-pressed erect length. If you just touch the ruler to the skin but don't push into the fat pad to the bone, this is your NBPEL, non-bone pressed erect length. BPEL is the most accurate measurement and should be the one used, as the fat pad can fluctuate. Also BPEL is what is used in most studies, and is also your usable size when it comes to sex, as the fat pad compresses when you thrust. For measuring girth it is best to use a tailors tape. Simply wrap the tailors tape around the middle of your shaft for your MEG, middle erect girth, or around the base for your BEG, base erect girth. Usually your BEG will be bigger than your MEG. It really doesn't matter which number you use so long as you do it the same every time so you have an accurate way to gauge gains. I personally use MEG as I believe that is what most studies are based off of. If you don't yet have a tailor’s tape, you can get one at Walmart for about a $1. Otherwise, you can cut a piece of paper about 1/2" wide and wrap it around, mark it and then measure the paper with a ruler. One other measurement that can be useful for PE is the BPFSL, bone-pressed flaccid stretched length. With the penis in a flaccid state, simply place the ruler on top and push it into the fat pad until you hit the pubic bone. Then with your other hand stretch your flaccid penis as far as it will stretch, and you will get your BPFSL measurement. Usually this measurement will be very close to your BPEL measurement. In fact, some penis size studies use this as their means of measurement. This measurement can be useful with PE because when you see your BPFSL increase, erect gains are usually soon to follow.

I want to do the exercises, but where do I start?

Start off with an easy routine and gradually increase your reps or time as you get accustomed to it. A beginner’s routine should consist of stretching, jelqs, and kegels. You can certainly customize your routine to meet your own personal goals. For example, if you want to gain length you would likely wish to put more time into stretches and low EQ jelqs. If your goal is additional girth, you may want to do fewer stretches and do more jelqs at a higher EQ.

A well balanced beginner routine would look something like this:

Warm up for 5-10 min. with heating pad, rice sock, or warm, moist towel.

Stretches: Stretch and hold each direction for 20 seconds straight down, straight up, straight out, to the left, to the right.

100 wet jelqs in semi-erect state (50-70% EQ)

50 kegels, and 10 reverse kegels

One more round of stretches

5-10 min. warm down

I would suggest doing this on a 2 days on, 1 day off schedule.

You can add more reps or decrease reps as you go, depending on your physiological indicators (PI's). Each week, I would add maybe 10 jelqs, and increase a few seconds per “hold” on stretches. There are many other exercises that can be added to intensify the routine, but I would hold-off on them until you are properly conditioned from a beginner’s routine.

How do I know if my routine is working, or how much to increase?

The best approach is to base your routine and reps off of your PI's. Basically these are the signs your body will give you to tell you whether you may be able to safely “up” the intensity, or need to back off.

Positive PI's: If you are experiencing these then you are on the right track. Either keep doing what you are doing, or you can increase reps or intensity.

Increase in EQ
Morning wood
Flushed or plump flaccid penis
Increase in libido (horniness)
Increase in size
Random erections or ease in achieving erection

Neutral PI's: These are neither good nor bad, but can accompany a solid workout.

Turtling (or shrinkage)
A little achiness throughout your penis
Pin sized red dots (petichiae)
Edema (swelling)
Temporary size increase

Negative PI's: If you are having these, it is time to back off and rest, and also possibly decrease reps, time, or both.

Pain: You should never, ever experience pain with exercises. If you do, stop immediately and take a rest break!
Decrease in EQ
Decrease in morning wood
Numbness or tingling
Any other tips or advice?

Be careful and stay safe!

Ease into the routine slowly and pay very close attention to your PI's and your penis. They will tell you everything you need to know, and guide you in the right direction. Be patient. Keep in mind that enlargement will not happen overnight. It takes a long time to accomplish. Never try to rush it or push it, as it will most likely end with injury. Remember PE is a marathon, not a sprint. If it were quick and easy every man out there would be walking around with a monstrous cock! Only those that are willing to dedicate the large amount of time and work that is required will reap the rewards. Stay positive. Don't let it get you down if you don't see immediate results. I worked hard and religiously for 9 months with very minimal results. It would have been easy to say "Ahh, this is bullshit!" and quit, but I didn't. I persevered and stuck with it, and have increased my length by 5/8" and girth by almost 3/8" and I am still gaining. It's easy to get discouraged and quit. Stay positive and stick with it, and gains will come. It just takes a lot of time and dedication. If you have any questions or issues feel free to post them in the Penis Enlargement section of the Forum, and myself or one of the other very helpful members will be happy to help you. Remember we are all brothers, here, and are in this together, so don't be afraid to lean on us and ask for guidance/help. If you’re not comfortable with posting your question directly, shoot me or one of the other guys a PM and we'll do what we can to help. Stay safe and be smart.
Good luck, my brothers!

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