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Kegels and Back Kegels:

Kegels are an exercise performed by both men and women and serve a wide range of different purposes. For men, kegels are an awesome exercise and have so many different functions such as improving your erection hardness, controlling ejaculatory response, and improving bladder control. They are easy to perform and can be done pretty much any time and any place and can greatly help you get that harder dick that you want. The basic premise of the kegel is to tighten up your pelvic floor and release the hold, similar to how you would perform a regular rep of anything at the gym to work a particular muscle group. Of course there are additions and different ways you can perform them to add resistance, weights or other methods to strengthen them further.

A Harder Dick and Other Benefits:

- Improve bladder control/incontinence
- Improve your ability to control your ejaculation
- Improve orgasm
- Increase horniness/libido
- Improve flaccid hang
- Healthier penis/more blood-flow
- Become multi-orgasmic

How to Differentiate Kegels and Back Kegels:
A kegel strengthens your front pelvic floor, whereas back kegels strengthen your back pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor is the area between your anus and testicle, and can be allocated or felt when you really need to go to the toilet but you clench up this area to prevent yourself from peeing yourself. Next time you are urinating stop mid-flow and notice what you did and where you felt it. That is where your pelvic floor is. Kegels target the front part of your pelvic floor, i.e. closer towards your testicles (you should feel this pull behind them when performing the kegel). Whereas, the back kegel will be felt closer to the anus area.

How to Perform:
Very simple, for a kegel you hold a contraction of your front pelvic floor muscle like how you would if you were holding/stopping your urination. Hold this contract for 5 seconds and release. Then repeat this twenty times three times daily.

A back kegel is similar but instead of contracting your front pelvic floor, you are contracting your back pelvic floor. This is done by visualising yourself tensing the area close to your anus when you are excreting faeces. (I know, I know, lovely terminology Mebs!). Same as the regular kegel, hold for 5 seconds and release, repeat the same quantity of back kegels as your regular kegels so you have a balanced pelvic floor and that harder dick that you are doing these for!
- Do not overdo it, if your pelvic floor feels sore or painful, stop!
- Do not do hundreds of these and you will ruin your pelvic floor.
- Do not hold the contractions really tight as you will damage your pelvic floor.
- Breathe in when holding the contraction and breath out when you release, do not hold your breath!


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