Ladies…. Not asking if your ass looks fat!!!

The Plan of Attack Ladies.... Not asking if your ass looks fat!!!
So, us poor blokes are often made to walk this precarious tightrope that hovers just above a pit of hungry crocodiles waiting to devour us, should we take a step wrong.
Why do women do it?
Is it a rhetorical question??
Why do you start throwing things when you don't get the answer you want???
At the very least if you answer yes to this question, your chances of getting some sexy time that night are off the cards. So saying something smart like "nah, your ass looks skinny as hell, matter of fact you could do with eating a little more and doing some squats!" might work wonders?
Of course the best course of action for any individual in a relationship, worrying about their weight is to go running or hit the gym with their other half! It should motivate you that your partner in crime wants to do things with you and you can kick each others butt when either of you makes excuses why you can't do your exercises of choice that day.
Why do women feel this is a bad thing anyway?
Personally, I like a bit of meat on the rear of a woman! God and estrogen bestowed it upon you, so give it a wiggle and shake it with pride ladies! And for the love of heaven STOP asking us that question!!!
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