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Penis Enhancement Body Signs (BS)

The Plan of Attack Penis Enhancement Body Signs (bs)

Body Signs:

Body signs are ways to tell whether or not your PE’ing is being effective or not. Your penis is basically giving you a heads-up that you are working the little guy too much, not enough, or just right. Body signs can take many different forms and can range from positive, neutral, to negative. They are a great way to tell you what you need to be looking for when you are PE’ing, but bear in mind that is exactly what they are – signs.


Not all penises are built the same, not all penises will react identical to the same workout, and all workouts vary in the effects they have on your penis. For example, while one individual may always turtle right after a jelqing session, another individual may stay fat and plump immediately afterwards. While one individual may find 5 lbs way too heavy to hang with starting out, another individual may find it too light. Another guy might always get edema (lymph fluid build-up) after pumping or using a vacuum-hanger, another individual may only get it very rarely; despite going at the same intensity as the first individual.


Not all penises are built the same! That is why we have created an approximate go-to guide for things to look out for, to aim towards, or to avoid in the process of your PE endeavours. Remember that these lists are guides to what to look out for, they are not definitive templates of what everyone should or should not be seeing as a result. For example, if you see three positive signs and one negative sign, then you need to examine what was causing the negative sign and if it is minor enough because you are seeing an abundance of positive signs. Body signs are here to allow you to determine for yourself whether or not you are overdoing it, and you can describe your signs in greater detail in your log or on the forum and we can give you advice on what is going on with you.

Positive Signs:

  •         Plump penis (engorged after the workout, feeling heavier than usual)
  •         Improved erection quality (EQ)
  •         A greater frequency of erections and morning wood
  •         Increased horniness/libido
  •         More veins
  •         Longer hanging penis

A Plump Penis basically means that your penis is engorged after your workout. It refers to that type of penis when you are about have a little bit of a semi-erection. It is fuller, thicker and heavier than your normal flaccid penis.

Improved Erection Quality means just that, that your erections are harder, firmer, and more engorged than they usually are. People generally rate their erection quality on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being completely flaccid, while 10 is like a glass dildo. Depending on your age, health, medication you are on, and so forth, will all depend on what your starting erection quality is like and as a result how much PE will affect it.

A Greater Frequency of Erections and Morning Wood refers to you getting more semi-erections throughout the day, a greater ease to get erections before intercourse, and more erections in the morning. This point varies from person-to-person, as age has a big factor in this also. For example, when I was young, I would always get semis and morning wood every morning, but as I age they have become less-and-less common. So keep the age factor in mind! But again, this is not universal for all guys, but it is worth keeping into account.

Increased Horniness/Libido – so basically if you want to nookie more often than usual, after a PE session you want to have sex/masturbate, and generally have a heightened sexual interest. Again, age will bear a big factor in this, with a lot of the younger guys already having libidos through the roof, whereas older guys might notice this BS quicker.

More Veins refers to the vascularity of your penis. A lot of guys will notice an increase amount of veins while doing PE, veins they didn’t notice before and new more prominent ones too. This also depends on the form of PE that you do, veins will generally become more prominent with girth-focused exercises than with length-focused exercises.

Longer Hanging Penis is in relation to your penis hanging lower while flaccid than it usually does. There is a nicer “floppier” hang to it and it would measure longer in flaccid state also. Typically, while plumper hangs would be more common with girth exercises, longer hanging penises tend to be more common with length-focused routines.

Neutral Signs:

  •         Penis ‘tiredness’ after workout
  •         Slight edema (little puffy but not the ‘Michelin man’ look)
  •         Some minor turtling after your workout
  •         Slight difficulty getting erection soon after a workout
  •         Fluctuations between plump/longer hanging penis and regular size/slight turtling

Penis ‘Tiredness’ – is the feeling one gets after they have exercises their penises effectively. It can either refer to positive or negative effects depending on the scale of soreness and tiredness.

Edema is fluid build-up underneath your penis skin and if it is very minor in degree then it can be considered a neutral sign. One should not aim for edema as it is counter-productive to gains usually, however, minor edema may at times occur.

Minor Turtling – A lot of guys will turtle a bit after their workout. This is usually a bodily response from an intense workout and is just your penis going into recovery mode. However, you should not be experiencing turtling for more than an hour or two after a workout or it might be a sign of overdoing it.

Erections – Similar to the turtling, sometimes it may be a little bit more difficult to get an erection shortly after a big PE workout due to your penis being “tired” and needing a rest 😉 Just think of it similarly to sex, if you were after hitting it hard, the old fella would need a rest afterwards for a while.

Discrepancies – Occasionally there is no uniformity to your plumpness and longer hanging penis, sometimes it will go thinner and longer or thicker and shorter depending on what routine you are doing and if you have changed something around in it. Just keep an eye and try to self-analyse what is going on with your body and ask others on the forum with direction to your log.

Negative Signs:

  • A lot of edema (if your dick start to resemble a hotdog in a bun!)
  • Petechiae (little red dots on your penis)
  • Bruising (brown or purple bruises on your shaft or head)
  • A lot of turtling (a long time after your workout)
  • Terrible erection quality
  • Loss of libido/no desire for sex
  • Inability to get erection during sex
  • Lack of morning wood

A Lot of Fluid Build-Up: If your dick has a lot of fluid build-up then this is generally a good sign that you are overdoing it with your routine. Really bad edema tends to come from vacuum-based devices, in particular, pumping. Edema should not be sought after and should be minimised and prevented when possible.

Petechiae are little burst capillaries in your penis that appear as little red and/or purple pinprick bruises. They can come on your shaft from heavy girth routines and are a very apparent sign you need to cut back on the intensity of the workout.

Bruising on your penis is a little like petechiae but usually you will only get a single larger bruise, rather than many little ones. They can range from a grain of rice size up to the size of bottle cap. Colours typically range from brown to dark red to purple colours on the shaft or head of your penis.

Excessive Turtling: When you are turtling excessively hours after your workout and your flaccid size is continuously smaller than it usually is, then this is a good indicator your penis is not responding well to your workout. You are overtraining.

Erection Quality is probably the most important sign your dick can tell you if you are doing too much. If your EQ starts plummeting and is consistently bad, and there are no other factors that can account for this plummeting, then your PE workout is probably too intense.

Other Issues: Loss of libido, inability to get erections, and a drop in morning wood are other very important indicators that you should look out for when doing PE. If there is no other outside explanation of why these are being affected (i.e. depression, medication, alcohol, tiredness, etc) then the quantity or intensity of your workout needs to be lightened up.

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