Seductive Fellatio

The Plan of Attack Seductive Fellatio

Now, to start off, a short note. While written from my own experience as a straight male, certainly these observations are not limited to one orientation, or even fellatio. If you find any of these helpful in any way, great! Even better! And if there's anything you would like to add or suggest, please feel free to discuss in the corresponding community discussion, linked at the bottom. We would love to hear any additional input, as the more shared, the more knowledge we all gain. 🙂 

Okay, moving on. This seemed easy enough, but was actually very challenging. You see, a great blow job is not as simple as placing your mouth on his manhood and, well, blowing. No, it is a complex, artistic collection of movements that sends your lover into the greatest heights of sexual bliss like no other. But don't let that scare you away. A bit of practical know-how, knowing what turns your partner on, and practice (trust me, he won't mind), and it's easier done than said. How about that, huh? Chances are, you will enjoy giving it as much as he enjoys receiving it. Maybe even more. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but I'm biased. Anyway, let's get started, shall we?


The Eyes Have It - Eye contact with your man while going down on him can provide intense visual stimulation, but also lets him know that you enjoy what you are doing. This will help him relax, enjoy the moment, and reassure him that this is what you want too! Make it sexy and sultry, conveying your desire for him and his pleasure.
But don't hold the gaze indefinitely. This may create an uncomfortable feeling for him. Let yourself close your eyes and enjoy the feel. Get lost in the sensations you're giving and receiving. Trust me, he will notice the subtle, lustful clues that you are awash in passion, and love it!

Hands On Approach – A helping hand on the shaft is most certainly appreciated, reinforcing the sensations that your lips are already delivering. Mimic your mouth's movements with one or two hands, making sure to use a copious amount of lube or saliva for smooth stroking.
But don't stop there. Use your hands to guide him and give him feedback. A hand on his thigh will feel sexy to him, and will let you keep his enthusiasm at bay. If you are looking to encourage his movements, place a hand behind him, on his lower back. Or, even better, grab his cheeks. Pull him into you, letting him know you want more action.
As an alternative, keep your hands in motion. Constantly changing places, and running them over his body. Up to the stomach, across his hips, down and back up his legs and sides. This can be a very erotic, stimulating maneuver. The added feeling of caressing hands, wherever they are, will multiply the pleasure.

Play Ball - Speaking of hand placement, the testes are a very sensitive and pleasurable spot to focus your attention. A gentle fondling, or soft rolling of the scrotum during fellatio will send chills up his spine. A word of caution though. As much as the sensitivity can work in your favor, it can easily be turned painful. One firm squeeze, and it could be game over. A soft touch is recommended, and appreciated.

Lovely Locks – Believe it or not, a woman’s smooth, silky hair can be a huge turn on for men. If he's lying down, feeling it brush and tickle across his skin will drive him wild. Your hair partially blocking the view will have the blindfold effect, and create a focus on the sensations. The inability to see what is going to happen next will build excitement and anticipation.
Short tresses? No problem. Guide his hand to your head, and encourage him to play with your hair. Running his fingers through your hair can add a nice level of sensuality to the act.

Tongue Twister – This one is pretty self explanatory, but may still take some practice. Use your tongue, use it often, and in all kinds of different ways. Swirls, licks, and twists. Fast and slow, soft and hard. Use quick flicks with the tip, and broad licks with the whole surface. The moist, unique texture of the tongue is quite pleasing to the male member. So the more, the merrier. While you've got him in your mouth, slide your tongue along his shaft, back and forth, slightly faster than your mouth is moving. This feels amazing, and is a technique that is sure to please.

Heads Up – Giving the head some attention is never a bad idea. However, there are two very specific areas you should be aware of. The frenulum and the corona.
Ahh, the frenulum. That little V-shaped spot of skin, right under the head of his penis on the underside. Very sensitive to light touch, which makes it a perfect spot to receive some oral pleasure. So sensitive in fact, that if you focus on it too much, it may lead to an unexpected ejaculation. A slow, sexy licking or soft sucking can be insanely intense.
The corona is the ridge on the edge of the head, that is also very sensitive to the mouths lovely softness. Applying light pressure to your lips in the O shape, sliding your mouth back and forth over this ridge, using your tongue directly on the head itself, feels fantastic for the guy. It may also give those women with a shallow gag reflex a pleasurable option for giving great oral.

Slow and Steady – Some women believe that a fast paced motion is best. Towards the end, this is absolutely true. For starting off though, a slow, sensual approach feels best. Steadily build speed, and use give and take. Lots of stimulation, and then back off a little. Repeat again, building him up, and gaining momentum. This type of build up can be a sexy tease play, and make for a powerful orgasm when he does release.

The Finishing Move – Whether you swallow, or have him finish in some other sexy way, don't make him feel like he's shooting poison (major turn off). Imagine if he coughed and sputtered when going down. Not very sexy, right? Experiment. Discover a way that is mutually pleasurable, and both of you will be left with a positive memory of the experience. Which, hopefully, will encourage a repeat performance sooner than later!


The perfect blow job. She asks for it, and anticipates it, because she desires it. All because she wants it as much as he does. She slowly and seductively takes him in her mouth. Teasing with her tongue. Pleasing with her lips and movements. Loving the feel of him. She gazes at him with wanting eyes, a look of lust apparent on her face. He was already looking at her, watching her, through lowered eyelids. She moves erotically, lost in her own pleasure. She grabs and gropes his body, pulling and caressing him, lightly raking her nails down his thighs. She feels his muscles clenching, so she steadily picks up the tempo. He is breathing hard, and she knows he is close. She moves a hand to his shaft, stroking with the same urgency, in perfect rhythm with her mouth. She uses her other hand further down, keeping the pace. He can't take it. His body tenses...


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